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Booth tech for


illusnap is the perfect solution for socially distanced events.

Guests use their own devices from anywhere in the world.

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In addition to photos, users have the choice of animated gifs and boomerangs. Users can decorate their photos with stickers.

Use unlimited # of your own transparent .pngs, customized for each event. Load up as many frames as you like and let the user select the one that's right for them.


Our online illusnap is built

for everyone, but customized for each event or campaign.


Customize Your Design

Upload your own graphics using our easy to use admin tool. Customize all text and images

to match your branded event.

Send your customized URL to

guests to begin your event.


Take a Photo

Guests take photos with their own devices, without needing

to download and install an app. Illusnap can be used on any device with a camera and a web



Download & Share

After customizing their photos with different filters, frames, backgrounds or stickers, guests can download their photo to their device and email or

share it on social media.


Works on any device

Illusnap is browser-based, so it doesn't require an app and can be used on Windows, Mac iOS, Android and more!

Go live with an online gallery.

Stream everyone’s photos and GIFs into an online gallery, in real-time. It’s a dramatic experience that lures your

audience to participate. See what your friends are doing and one-up them with your own shots.


Photos, Boomerangs

or GIFs.

Your illusnap lets you choose your own

adventure. Pose, dance and strut for the

camera, anywhere you are.


Magical virtual


Messy room? No problem. Make it disappear

with a virtual background. Thanks to machine

learning, it works like magic—no green screen

required. You can even customise it with your

own images.

Get creative with

borders, filters

and stickers.

Make your photos pop with our built-in selection— your virtual photo booth lets you create the look you want with just a swipe and tap. Instantly download and share your images, and win at social media. It’s

the power of creativity at your fingertips.


Customize everything.

Create your own virtual backgrounds, borders,

filters and stickers—and watch your audience

have fun with them. Change how your virtual

photo booth looks, so that it fits perfectly into

your virtual event.


Beyond virtual events, our online illusnap works

incredibly well for hybrid events too.

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